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Pink roseHypnotherapy has long been associated with helping people lose weight. The results, though, have been somewhat mixed and the many claims of 90%+ success rates have never been substantiated in controlled research studies.  In the last few years there’s been a lot of excitement about the hypnotic (or virtual) gastric band. This seems to have improved weight loss outcomes – although again some people have made pretty wild claims regarding success rates.

A virtual gastric band works by causing a person to feel fuller more quickly, therefore they eat less and hence lose weight (just like with a surgical gastric band). Many hypnotherapists say that the positive results come about because they give suggestions which their client’s subconscious mind acts upon. This way of conceptualizing hypnosis is not only outdated, but seriously flawed.  Just because a suggestion is given (even if it is one that a client really wants to be true) does not mean it can or will manifest.  What counts is not what the hypnotherapist says but what clients are able to do with any suggestion. The ability to transform imagined scenarios into actual action is a natural skill for some people, but incredibly difficult for others (in the same way that some people have a natural talent for playing a musical instrument while the rest of us really struggle to).

Because the typical hypnotic gastric band approach relies so heavily on imaginative power it works brilliantly for some, but sadly for many (I would say the majority) the results are disappointing. Investing in virtual gastric band therapy is, therefore, a huge gamble for most people.

This led me to ask ‘how can the benefits enjoyed by the few be made available to the many?’ Drawing upon my 30+ years experience in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and EMDR I have developed a powerful process for helping many more people successfully benefit from a virtual gastric band as part of a comprehensive healthy weight management programme.

The Core Weight Management Programme gives you control and mastery regarding food and your future weight management – all without having to miss out on any of the genuine pleasure of food and eating.

Overview of the programme

The Core Weight Management Programme comprises ten sessions.  The first 8 take place over a 3-month period and there are two follow up sessions at 6 and 9 months.  The programme includes:

  • goal setting
  • attitudes toward and beliefs about food, weight and weight management
  • identifying and addressing triggers and stress points
  • the virtual gastric band protocol – tailored to your individual needs
  • long-term weight management tools

Who is the programme for?

The programme is suitable whether you wish to lose a little or a lot of weight (importantly, we look at how realistic your goals are to make sure that they are healthy for you). If you have certain medical conditions this will need to be discussed with your GP/consultant first (please contact me for further details).

What next?

Deciding to say yes to this programme is a big decision. That’s why I offer a free introductory session with no obligation, where you can meet me and assess whether the programme is for you. Please contact me to find out more.